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Get two of Margie's devotional books in a single package and save. Package includes her first book "Soul Manna" and her latest "Stepping Stones".

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You will be charged in your local currency. 2 Soft Cover Books. Pages: 80 + 120

Stepping Stones

Using every day reality as stepping stones…

If you’re like me, then you’ve known moments of uncertainty and feeling that you have lost the way on your journey. You want a faith that breathes, a life that matters…. and you need a little direction. This book is a collection of real-life experiences and personal stories that offer hope and inspiration for the reader who is searching for encouragement and guidance for the next step on a path of “stepping stones”. My hope is that these stories will become the “stepping stones” of your journey.

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You will be charged in your local currency. 80 Pages - Soft Cover

Soul Manna

A daily helping of manna from heaven to feed your spirit!!

True-life experiences such as living next door to a drug dealer, personal tragedies, loss, stress and burn-out are woven into inspirational testimonies and stories that offer faith, hope and answers for the reader who is looking for a way to cope with their hectic modern-day life. As you make this book a part of your daily manna, food for your spirit and soul during difficult times, may you find your inner peace that so many of us are searching for.

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You will be charged in your local currency. 120 Pages - Soft Cover

Sugar and Spice

Delicious fool-proof homebakes.

In this book, Margie reveals the best-kept baking secrets that have been the foundation of her ever-expanding home industry as well as family favourites that have kept her family and friends begging for more.

USD $20 + $5 P&P
You will be charged in your local currency. 128 Pages - Reprint, SoftCover

About Margie

Margie van Tonder is a pastor, author and a well-known baker. She loves reading, writing, music, cooking, baking and praying. Her family and Bluepoint Persian cat, Mishka, are the mainstays of her life, God being at the top of the list. She has been following God now for 40 years and this is her 5th book. She has lived in South Africa and England and is now resident in Auckland, New Zealand. Margie is married to Andre and has two sons, Kyle and Keagan.


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